Elephants Gerald, now called The Elephants, was formed in 2000 by two Waco musicians, Steve Hart and Eric Zadnik, who had a vision of a single band that could perform any kind of music, from Rock to R&B, Funk, Soul, Pop, Blues and Swing.  One band playing so many styles of music? Why, for such a band to exist, they would have to recruit the finest musicians in the world!  Everyone said it was impossible.  Friends and family laughed at them.  They were ridiculed and sometimes even beaten!  But they would never let the non-believers destroy the dream.  The result is an incredibly versatile band with a four-piece horn section that can play any kind of music for any kind of event.  Who's laughing now?


Charles "Chainsaw" Burleson, Drums, Lead Vocals, Backup Vocals
You wanted the best and you got the best - the hottest drummer in the world......Chainsaw !  Besides providing the driving beat behind this herd, Charles has the vocal range needed to perform tunes by James Brown, Earth Wind & Fire and Tower of Power.  Chainsaw has toured all over the world displaying his drumming talents to audiences of thousands and speaks 7 different languages fluently.   charles@elephantsband.com

Buddy "The Bud Man" Luedeker, Lead Vocals, Backup Vocals, Guitar
As front man for the group, Buddy's versatile vocals cover a wide range of styles from Santana to Chicago to Confunkshun to James Taylor.  His exhilarating stage presence captivates an audience and pulls them into the herd!  Buddy is also internationally-known as a connoisseur of fine chocolates, pastries and rums and is always willing to sample and give his professional opinion.

Heather Scott, Lead Vocals, Backup Vocals, Percussion
Heather began her career as an entertainer at a very young age.  She finally got her big break when her silky-smooth voice and incredible vocal range landed her a job singing background vocals in Robert Palmer's "Addicted to Love" music video in the early 80's. (Heather is the one in the black dress playing the white guitar).  Heather recently returned from a global tour promoting her new CD, "Pay No Attention to That Woman Behind the Curtain."

Ben "Ben Jammin" Irom, Piano, Keyboards
As the most recent addition to the herd, some say this mild mannered super hero is more the professor (Baylor University and Temple Community College faculty credits).  But don't let his gentle tone fool you.  This man is the master keyboardist of our time.  Moving between tasty Stevie Wonder riffs to intense organ licks to party-hard honky tonk piano, Ben is the color in our musical rainbow.  Once you hear him, you'll easily understand why he appears in Wikipedia as the definition of "groove" baby.

Trammell "Funky Tram" Kelly, Bass Guitar
Recently chosen as one of the "Richest Men in America" by Forbes Magazine, Tram is the hard-drivin' funkmaster of The Elephants!  He's just as funky as you wanna be!  Whether it's poppin' and slappin' for the soul, funk and rock tunes or smooth and easy for the ballads, Tram's gonna raise up and get his groove on!

Visit Tram's site at:  www.trammellkellybassplayer.com

Pat "Ace" Kelly, Lead Guitar, Vocals
In the architecture of the universe, there is one human that puts the "Rhythm" in "Rhythm & Blues."  It turns out he is also a recent addition to Elephants Band - Mr. Pat Kelly.  By day he's chairs the Baylor School of Music Department For Jaw Dropping Incredible Guitar Playing.  By night, he shows up, plugs in, and gets down with the best guitar work this side of North Pole. Perhaps you've read why he's so tall.  A simple wig modification enables him to fill in for the likes of Jeff Beck, Ritchie Sambora, Ted Nugent, Slash and Prince Rogers Nelson whenever they are double booked.  A little makeup--and Ace Frehley can take the night off.....Oh yeahhhh!!!

Eric "Mac" Zadnik, Saxophones, Flute, Vocals
began his musical career at the age of 8, when his "Uncle Louie" gave him his first saxophone (after killing the previous owner and dumping his body into the river).  As a baritone sax guru, he provides the "bottom end" of the horn section, giving Elephants that Tower of Power-esque sound.  Eric's talents continue with flute and show-stopping vocals with styles ranging from Lyle Lovett to Bobby Darrin to Huey Lewis.
Greg "Cool Breeze" Bashara,
Saxophones, Flute
Greg is easily one of the finest sax players in the world today and currently plays alto, tenor and soprano with the Elephants as well as flute.  His smooth and sexy tenor solos have been known to make beautiful women faint.  It's great to have Greg back after a world concert tour with the Stones.  greg@elephantsband.com

Tim "Dizzy" Cates, Lead Trumpet, Flugelhorn
As the song says, "Oz never did give nothin to the Tim-Man that he didn't, didn't already have".  Tim already had the heart and the ability to blast out the high notes that most trumpet players only dream about.  He is also the best-selling author of four children's books and is currently working on a new children's book project with Madonna as well as a new legal thriller with John Grisham.  Visit Tim's site at: 

Byron "The Swannmeister" Swann, Trumpet, Flugelhorn
Byron is an active performer in the Waco area where he performs regularly with a variety of ensembles including the Waco Jazz Orchestra, Temple Jazz Orchestra and the Swann Jazz Quartet.  He has served as Band Director at Carver Academy since the late 1900's and is currently planning his third trip to the Himalayas to lead a team of musicians to the summit of Mt. Everest for the first annual Byron Swann Himalayan Summer Jam.
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